Comparative genomics and M10K+ project

Sequencing of molluscan genomes and comparative genomics enhances our understanding of both macroevolution and microevolution of molluscs. Our past work has demonstrated (i) the “fossil-like” scallop genome for reconstructing the genomes of bilaterian ancestors that is central to our understanding of animal evolution (Nature Ecology & Evolution, 2017 cover story); and (ii) the genomic adaptations of molluscs as well as other marine animals for swimming lifestyle, broad vision sensitivity, byssal adhesion, neurotoxin resistance and transformation, red bloodedness, and plant-like saponin biosynthesis (Nature Communications, 2017; Cell Discovery, 2018; Molecular Biology and Evolution, 2021; Nature Chemical Biology, 2022; Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics, 2022 cover story).  

We are currently in the progress of sequencing phylogeny-representative molluscs, which aim to define the core and pan-genomes of molluscs, and identify the genomic bases (co-opted genes and TFs, novel genes, expanded gene families) for evolutionary novelties and adaptive evolution of molluscs. Our group are also actively involved in initiating an exciting M10K+ (Mollusca 10,000 Plus) genome project which is proposed by the molluscan research community and BGI Genomics Co. Ltd. The M10K+ project is planning to sequence 10,000 molluscan species. The project will focus on important biological and evolutionary questions relating to molluscs, such as molluscan phylogeny and evolution, karyotype evolution, evo-devo, WGD events, nervous system and immune system evolution.

Selected Publications

1. Wang S#, Zhang J#, Jiao W#, Li J#, Xun X#, Sun Y#, Guo X#, Huan P#, Dong B, Zhang L, Hu X, Sun X, Wang J, Zhao C, Wang Y, Wang D, Huang X, Wang R, Lv J, Li Y, Zhang Z, Liu B, Lu W, Hui Y, Liang J, Zhou Z, Hou R, Li X, Liu Y, Li H, Ning X, Lin Y, Zhao L, Xing Q, Dou J, Li Y, Mao J, Guo H, Dou H, Li T, Mu C, Jiang W, Fu Q, Fu X, Miao Y, Liu J, Yu Q, Li R, Liao H, Li X, Kong Y, Jiang Z, Chourrout D*, Li R*, Bao Zc. Scallop genome provides insights into evolution of bilaterian karyotype and development. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 2017, 1: 0120. (Cover StoryBehind the Paper: The "fossil" genome of scallop Patinopecten yessoensisNEE News & Views: Genome evolution: Shellfish genes; ESI highly cited paper)

2. Li Y#, Sun X#, Hu X#, Xun X#, Zhang J#, Guo X#, Jiao W, Zhang L, Liu W, Wang J, Li J, Sun Y, Miao Y, Zhang X, Cheng T, Xu G, Fu X, Wang Y, Yu X, Huang X, Lu W, Lv J, Mu C, Wang D, Li X, Xia Y, Li Y, Yang Z, Wang F, Zhang L, Xing Q, Dou H, Ning X, Dou J, Li Y, Kong D, Liu Y, Jiang Z, Li R, Wang S*, Bao Z*. Scallop genome reveals molecular adaptations to semi-sessile life and neurotoxins. Nature Communications. 2017, 8: 1721. (Toxicon highlight: Neurotoxin stress-driven evolution in scallop genome)

3. Li Y#, Wang R#, Xun X#, Wang J#, Bao L#, Thimmappa R#, Ding J#, Jiang J#, Zhang L, Li T, Lv J, Mu C, Hu X, Zhang L, Liu J, Li Y, Yao L, Jiao W, Wang Y, Lian S, Zhao Z, Zhan Y, Huang X, Liao H, Wang J, Sun H, Mi X, Xia Y, Xing Q, Lu W, Osbourn A, Zhou Z*, Chang Y*, Bao Z*, Wang S*. Sea cucumber genome provides insights into saponin biosynthesis and aestivation regulation. Cell Discovery. 2018, 4: 29.

4. Bao Y#, Zeng Q#, Wang J#, Zhang Z#, Zhang Y#, Wang S#, Wong N#, Yuan W, Huang Y, Zhang W, Liu J, Lv L, Xue Q, Zha S, Peng Z, Yao H, Bao Z, Wang S*, Lin Z*. Genomic insights into the origin and evolution of molluscan red-bloodedness in the blood clam Tegillarca granosa. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 2021, 38: 2351-2365.

5. Thimmappa R*, Wang S#, Zheng M#, Misra RC, Huang AC, Saalbach G, Chang Y, Zhou Z, Hinman V, Bao Z, Osbourn A*.  Biosynthesis of saponin defensive compounds in sea cucumbers. Nature Chemical Biology. 2022, 18: 774-781. 

6. Li Y#, Liu Y#, Yu H, Liu F, Han W, Zeng Q, Zhang Y, Zhang L, Hu J, Bao Z, Wang S*. Adaptive bird-like genome miniaturization during the evolution of scallop swimming lifestyle. Genomics Proteomics & Bioinformatics. 2022, 20: 1066-1077. (Cover Story)

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