Our 'ancient homomorphic sex chromosomes' work was published on Nature Ecology & Evolution as a cover story


Recently, our work ‘Ancient homomorphy of molluscan sex chromosomes sustained by reversible sex-biased genes and sex determiner translocation’ has been selected as the cover story of Nature Ecology & Evolution. The cover shows the "Penglaihong" scallop Chlamys farreri cultivated by Professor Zhenmin Bao's group. Up to now, the lab has published three papers in Nature Ecology & Evolution, two of which have been selected as cover stories and two of which have been reviewed as highlights of the current issue, marking the progress and breakthroughs in the field of animal macroevolution.

1) NEE Cover Story

Han W#, Liu L#, Wang J#, Wei H#, Li Y#, Zhang L#, Guo Z, Li Y, Liu T, Zeng Q, Xing Q, Shu Y, Wang T, Yang Y, Zhang M, Li R, Yu J, Pu Z, Lv J, Lian S, Hu J, Hu X, Bao Z, Bao L*, Zhang L*, Wang S*. (2022) Ancient homomorphy of molluscan sex chromosomes sustained by reversible sex-biased genes and sex determiner translocation. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 6: 1891-1906. 

Wang S#, Zhang J#, Jiao W#, Li J#, Xun X#, Sun Y#, Guo X#, Huan P#, Dong B, Zhang L, Hu X, Sun X, Wang J, Zhao C, Wang Y, Wang D, Huang X, Wang R, Lv J, Li Y, Zhang Z, Liu B, Lu W, Hui Y, Liang J, Zhou Z, Hou R, Li X, Liu Y, Li H, Ning X, Lin Y, Zhao L, Xing Q, Dou J, Li Y, Mao J, Guo H, Dou H, Li T, Mu C, Jiang W, Fu Q, Fu X, Miao Y, Liu J, Yu Q, Li R, Liao H, Li X, Kong Y, Jiang Z, Chourrout D*, Li R*, Bao Z*. (2017) Scallop genome provides insights into evolution of bilaterian karyotype and development. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 1: 0120. 

2) NEE News & Views

Khalturin K. (2020) The origin of metazoan larvae. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 4: 674-675. 

Halanych K, Kocot K. (2017) Genome evolution: Shellfish genes. Nature Ecology & Evolution. 1: 0142. 

3) NEE Behind the Paper

Han W. (2022) The ‘forever-young’ secret of scallop sex chromosomes: exceptions to the ‘general’ rules. 

Wang J. (2020) The mysterious origin of metazoan larvae: Larva-first or Adult-first?

Wang S. (2017) The “fossil” genome of scallop Patinopecten yessoensis. 

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