Lab achieves significant progress in developing genomic systematic analysis tools

On March 21, 2024, our research group achieved a major milestone in the development of genomic systematic analysis tools, launching PanSyn, the world&···

Our 'genome miniaturization' work was published on Genom Proteom Bioinform as a cover story

Following our cover story on the evolution of sex chromosomes in scallops published in Nature Ecology & Evolution, our research article on the evo···

Three PhD students from our laboratory were selected as "Fang Zongxi Future Stars"

On December 7, the FangZongxi Center held the first "Fang Zongxi Future Stars" contest. The PhD students from our lab,LiuLiangjie,WeiHuilan,···

Our recent progress in deciphering the mechanisms underlying gonadal development in molluscs

On December 2nd, we published an article entitled “Dynamic transcriptome analysis reveals the gene network of gonadal development from the early histo···

Associate Professor Yuli Li has been awarded the Young Innovation Prize of the Second "Zhang Fusui Shellfish Science Award"

Recently, the 12th Member Congress of China Marine Limnology Society announced the winners’ list of the second "Zhang Fusui Shellfish Science Awa···

Our 'ancient homomorphic sex chromosomes' work was published on Nature Ecology & Evolution as a cover story

Recently, our work ‘Ancient homomorphy of molluscan sex chromosomes sustained by reversible sex-biased genes and sex determiner translocation’ has bee···

We released the first evo-devo multi-omics database platform across the animal kingdom

On November 1, 2022, our group and Professor Dong Bo's team jointly published "EDomics: a comprehensive and comparative multi-omics database ···

Our group published two important discoveries in Nature Ecol Evol and Nature Chem Biol

Recently, our research group has made progress in the evolution of homomorphic chromosomes inmolluscanand the mechanism of saponin synthesis in sea cu···

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